Are You Still Using Google Docs For Your Freelance Business Proposals?


These days there are a million startups trying to make proposal creation easier for freelancers and agencies alike.

There’s a lot to choose from and they all will have you spending a good chunk of change every month.

They can also be rather complicated to set up, involve contracts, and sometimes even take a percentage per transaction.

Until recently I had been just using a template in Google Docs for creating my proposals. It’s free and it looked good enough.

Lately, though I’ve thought of ways to make my proposals look a bit more ‘snazzy’. I want to give prospective clients more of that WOW factor when I hand over my proposal.

That’s when I stumbled across these awesome Webflow proposal templates. I’m already using Webflow for my website so I figured this would be perfect!

I also create a PDF version simply by taking screenshots of the online proposal and putting them together using the Canva Proposal Template. This isn’t really necessary in my opinion but I figure it couldn’t hurt.

Now, I won’t claim this will be a print-worthy PDF but I know it will look good when viewing on a computer.

Pro tip: You can hyperlink elements in your Canva design so that when clicked on they’ll take the reader wherever you want to take them.

So how many more clients are these templates helping me close?

I’ve only used it now for one prospect. I was able to close the deal and start the contract with this prospect, but I don’t know how much could be attributed to the fancy new proposal.

I know it doesn’t hurt especially if you do digital-based work of any kind.