My Favorite Project Management Software For Gettin' Shit Done


I used Wunderlist for several years for managing tasks and projects since they had a great free tier. I then got used to using Basecamp at a marketing agency I was working at a few years back.

I quickly began to prefer Basecamp over Wunderlist. It’s just much more than task management software and has more features that make managing a project easier.

When I went back to solo-freelancing I wasn’t quite willing to spend $100/mo for Basecamp. I reluctantly went back to using Wunderlist but whatever works right?

Fast forward to late 2019 and Basecamp announces a new free tier for solo freelancers like myself. It’s like they were reading my mind! It’s perfect timing too because Microsoft shutdown Wunderlist earlier this month.

Using Basecamp 3 for client projects is great but I recently started managing my website todos using Basecamp 3 as well. It might seem weird since I’m the only user on that Basecamp project and I’m just commenting and talking with myself but I find it helpful to just unload my thoughts as they come to me and being able to quickly revisit those thoughts by just browsing latest activity in reverse chronological order or with the search bar.

I can write out all of my thoughts on my marketing strategy, product development, or whatever. I can then expand on them later as I need need to via comments.

If I add another team member to my project they can easily look through the project history to get a better sense of it all. It’s nice just having it all in one self-contained workspace instead of having files and info spread across different folders on your computer, cloud storage, note applications, emails, etc.

I like using the Docs for version control and drafting blog posts, sales copy and most anything I’d use Google Docs for traditionally.

You can forward emails that pertain to your project to your Basecamp project so you can easily find it later.

The bottom line is if you’re looking for task management or project management software to use for your projects or client projects, give it a shot. I highly recommend it!