Should You Use Google Ad Conversion Tracking Or Import Google Analytics Goals?


When setting up your Google Ad campaign once of the first things you must consider is how to track your conversions. You can use Google Ad’s conversion tracking tag or you can import Google Analytics Goals into your Google Ad campaign. At first glance, there appears to be no difference.

Not unless you consider the attribution model for each. Google Analytics default attribution model is ‘last-interaction’ and so any goals imported into Google Ads will share this attribution model.

As I mention in this blog post, this can give you false insights and lead you to believe that the ad campaign isn’t any results. The attribution model for Google Ad’s conversion tracking tag is ‘last ad click’ which means that so long as the lead or customer came from the Google Ad campaign at some point in the customer journey then credit will be given to the Google Ad campaign. This is what you want.

What I like to do is set up Google Ad conversion tracking for calls, form submissions, and sales. Then I enable auto-tagging and sync Google Ads with Google Analytics where I have micro and macro-conversions set up. This gives me additional insights into how traffic is behaving on my site.

To me this is the best of both worlds and will give you the data you need to maximize results across the board!