Google Ad Campaign Generating More Clicks But Fewer Conversions Since Start Of Pandemic


I had a colleague recently come to me with a question about a Google Ad campaign he was managing for his B2B client. Ever since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, he’s noticed over a 100% increase in clicks and spend on his campaign but conversions have dropped to zero.

Conversions dropping isn’t all that surprising considering we’re in the middle of a pandemic and businesses have legally been required to shut down.

I was managing a B2B campaign that struggled to ever get off the ground due to us launching right around the start of the pandemic. I’ve also recently heard from other colleagues that their B2B campaigns have suffered.

Conversions are down for a lot of B2B campaigns right now which comes as no surprise but why was he experiencing an increase in clicks? Shouldn’t that also be lower? That’s what he was confused about.

My guess is that a lot of his Google Ad competitors had stopped advertising giving him a larger share of the clicks available for a given search term.

They may still be looking to buy but they’re probably spending more time on research, shopping on price more, and waiting longer to pull the trigger on business decisions right now. This would naturally have an impact on a campaign’s conversion rate.

Not all campaigns are suffering right now, however. I’ve personally seen an increase in freelance work. I believe this is because more businesses are starting to focus more on their digital marketing which is good for me obviously, so it just depends on what you’re offering. I’ve also heard from a few colleagues who are managing eCommerce campaigns, selling consumer goods like video games, kitchen gadgets, or clothing and they tell me conversions are up and sales are up.

Hopefully, we see B2B campaigns start to recover soon when states safely reopen and as more stimulus funds reach small businesses and people who have been laid off.