A Secure & Private Alternative To Zoom


Zoom had a rough week last week and that’s putting it mildly. This tweet does a good job summing up all of the dirt that came out about Zoom last week:

I’d been using Zoom for years at agencies I worked at and as a solo-freelancer. Will I continue to use it after last week’s events? Probably not. I’ve heard some say you should cut Zoom some slack, nobody is perfect. That may be, but should we set the bar so low? Should we condone dishonest marketing and business practices?

Online privacy and security are important matters. I don’t think they should be taken lightly and I believe you should support companies that go above and beyond in regards to these matters. Not companies that are just doing the bare minimum and certainly not companies that show this level of dishonesty.

It’s why I went with Protonmail for my custom email address instead of Gsuites. It’s why I recommend people use Wire instead of Zoom. You should support the companies draw a line in the sand and take a stand for privacy and security.

This may be besides the point but I think teams are better off using text communication like outlined in Basecamp’s Guide To Internal Communication. Video conferencing is still a relic of pre-pandemic work environment where everyone demanded real-time interaction because we were stuck with one another in an office Monday-Friday.

I think it’s time to embrace asynchronous communication. There’s a lot of advantages and very few disadvantages. You just need to ensure that your team can communicate effectively via the written word. It doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

Now more than ever it’s going to be crucial to build a team that DOES embrace asynchronous communication and loves putting their thoughts into text.

Those that do, will experience a huge jump in their team’s productivity.