Restaurants Need Online Ordering To Stay Afloat During The Pandemic


Seemingly overnight, restaurants have found themselves stuck between a rock and a hard place. On one hand, they need to keep orders coming in to stay afloat.

To continue providing for themselves and their family. On the other hand, people are avoiding in-person contact as much as possible. In many states, you’re no longer allowed to dine-in a restaurant. This leaves only takeout and delivery options.

Many restaurants are still taking orders over the phone and having customers pay in person via cash or credit card. This puts your employees and customers at risk! It’s completely unnecessary if you have an online ordering system on your website.

Imagine turning your website visitors into actual food orders and taking payment on your website. You can then minimize contact between your employees and your customers! You only need to give them the food, which makes the whole experience much easier and more sanitary. Let’s face it, money is dirty! Get set up to take online orders today!

Here are the top 3 cheapest options I found for you to consider:

1. CloudWaitress

They have a great free tier that includes online ordering and custom domain name set up so you can have your new online ordering website all set up on your domain name (i.e. The main limitation with their free account is that you only get 100 orders per month. If you need more orders you can upgrade to their next plan up which is $39/mo.

2. GloriaFoods

If you don’t care about taking payments online and having your online ordering on your domain name (i.e., which you should, then GloriaFoods has a great free tier. I recommend upgrading to take online payments for $29 and set up your custom domain (i.e. for an additional $9.

3. eHungry

They take an interesting approach to pricing. They have no upfront costs and simply charge a flat rate of 1.9% per order.

Any one of these options would likely get you set up to accept online orders quickly. If you have any issues or just need a helping hand with the setup. Feel free to contact me here.