Top 5 reasons why you should launch your blog, even during the Coronavirus pandemic


You were just about to launch your blog when all of a sudden, a global pandemic is thrust upon us all. It’s very surreal. It seemingly came out of nowhere for most people. Now, it seems as if the world has shut down indefinitely to fight this new enemy we all face.

You may be wondering… ‘Should I still launch my blog?

The answer is, yes! Here’s why:

1. It will give you something productive to do at home while you’re quarantined. What are you going to do otherwise? Play video games and watch movies all day?! Read the news and have panic attacks? While I recommend daily exercise in a time like this, or anytime really, you can’t exercise all day long.

2. The world isn’t ending. You still need to develop your skills. You still need to plan and build for your future. Start now!

3. With many people being laid off, funds may be on short supply for many of you. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be a roadblock. You can get set up with a custom .com domain name and blog for only $10/yr if you use static site generators for your blog along with Netlify hosting. It’s the cheapest path to building an audience and business online. It just takes time, which you happen to have an abundance of.

4. It takes time for Google to index your content and to start sending traffic your way. If you start now, by the time this pandemic is over you’ll be a lot further ahead in terms of generating that sweet organic Google traffic. Just don’t forget to create your Google Search Console account and verify it.

5. There’s reason to believe in-person interactions may never be the norm again. As businesses that once relied on in-person contact find other ways to make money, they will head to the Internet, which means a bigger potential audience for your blog or online business.

I know it’s going to be a rough road but we just need to take it one day at a time and charge forward! Stay positive and don’t’ forget to laugh and share laughs. We’ll all get through this together!