Should you publish blog posts or articles?


After typing out some content in written form, there’s sometimes a lot of confusion over what to call it and where to publish it online. Should you publish as a blog post on your blog or as an ‘article’ on your website?

Well, what’s the difference?

At first glance, they appear to be the same thing. If you take to Google with ‘blog post vs article’ you get a bunch of comparisons based on the old definition of an article like ‘unbiased opinion’ and ‘more formal language’. I don’t necessarily think those are true these days, at least not online! An article can contain bias info these days IMO.

What separates the two then? Length.

An article is typically going to be longer and a lot more in-depth on a given topic. Whereas a blog post is shorter and more to the point. One problem, one solution. Short and sweet.

So which should you publish? It just depends on your goals and the content you happen to be writing. I like the idea of publishing ‘guides’ instead of ‘articles’, but it’s essentially the same idea; longer and more in-depth content on a given topic.

Whatever you decide to call it, after you’re finished publishing a new article or guide, announce it on your blog and link to it! When properly done, all of your content will have a synergistic effect on each other.