Facebook Messenger's New '24-hour Messaging Window' Rule


I’ve long told colleagues and clients to focus on building up their website traffic and their email list instead of worrying about building up their Facebook Likes or Messenger Subscribers.

The reason being? Facebook changes the rules all the time, it’s their platform after all. Well, guess what! They’re doing it again with the new 24-hour messaging window in Facebook Messenger.

This new rule essentially states you can only use Messenger to send promotional messages to optins if it’s within 24 hours of the person interacting with the bot.

With email, you don’t have this kind of limitation. You can set up all the marketing automation you desire. You own your list and can import/export it into any number of email service providers. Same with your website, you can always switch hosting providers.

Ultimately this gives you more control in your business and what business owner doesn’t want that!?

If you want to leverage live chat in your business, I recommend using Drift or Tawk on your website as it’s a great way to engage with website visitors that have questions and build your email list.