Should you use Webflow to create your websites and landing pages?


There is no shortage of website builders and landing page builders to choose from these days. Traditionally I’ve chosen to create my websites using HTML, CSS and JavaScript as it gives me the most control, but recently I’ve been experimenting with Webflow [affiliate link].

I’ve tried a lot of ‘page builders’ in the past and was usually unimpressed. They were unintuitive, clunky and the end result always left a lot to be desired in the performance department.

Webflow, on the other hand, was 2nd nature right from the start. Not only is it easy to create whatever design you want to achieve, but the end result also loads fast!

I really like their template marketplace and showcase where you can find free and paid templates that you can easily ‘clone’ to use in your project. The designs I see being created with Webflow are some of the best designs around.


The ability to add animations or ‘interactions‘ as they’re called in Webflow is also amazing. It basically gives you all the power of CSS & JavaScript animations right inside the Webflow designer.

Just like with normal code, Webflow also gives you the ability to copy and paste elements from one project to another which makes development even easier.

If you need to deliver your site to a client in HTML format, you can also easily export your Webflow website.

Whether you’re trying to build just a static informational site, blog, ecommerce site, online sales funnel or membership site, it doesn’t matter. You can build it with Webflow.

The design and development experience is so much more enjoyable than Wordpress that this is my go-to solution now for ecommerce sites and membership sites.

Give it a shot and let me know what you think. You only have to pay when you’re ready to deploy your site to a custom domain.

Am I going “all-in” on Webflow?

There may still be some projects where I code up a site or use, which is another great builder for simpler sites, but for most projects I think Webflow will be my first choice.