Are you struggling with Facebook Ads during the Q4 2019 holiday season?


Have you been struggling with Facebook Ads during Q4 of 2019? A lot of Facebook Advertisers are finding it difficult to get good results right now. Obviously, there are 1000s of variables at play when it comes to running a profitable ad campaign. With that said, there are certain times of the year where it’s more competitive, and this can definitely drive up your ad cost.

Q4 every year is one of these times! This is due to the holiday season and there being an influx of advertisers trying to get their share of that sweet ‘holiday pie’.

To make matters even worse this year, we have an election coming up so we ALSO have a lot of political ads driving up the cost of Facebook Ads for every other advertiser as well.

So should you be running Facebook Ads right now?

That depends. Do you have a proven sales funnel and a decent amount of sales conversion data from past Facebook Ad campaigns? If you answer yes, then you can still achieve great results, especially if you create a purchase lookalike audience. This way you know you’re advertising to an audience that is similar to those who have purchased from you in the past.

If you’re testing out a new product or funnel, however, you may be better off waiting until Q1 of next year to make your moves.