My experience using RightMessage


I’ve been experimenting with the RightMessage Opt-in tool as of late. It syncs with your email service provider (ESP) and helps to segment your visitors and display more relevant offers based on who your visitors is and what they need.

I’ve been using it for some client projects and so I decided to give the free trial a shot for my website. They have to different tools that work together. For $29/mo you get their CTA widget which can be a toaster pop-up, fixed top banner, embeds, etc. For an additional $100/mo you can get access to their website personalization tool which lets you dynamically personalize any website content you have on your site based on who the visitor is and what their needs are.

I simply started with the free trial of their $29/mo tool as I’m not ready for a $100+ monthly investment. I set up a couple audience segmentation questions, ‘what type of business do you have?’ and ‘what do you currently need help with?’, and slapped the ‘toaster’ widget on my site.

I also created a unique offer for each potential need. It’s only been a couple weeks but so far I’ve had a small handful of visitors answer some questions via the ‘toaster’ widget but no opt-ins. With the volume of traffic my website currently receives though, 2-weeks isn’t going to be a long enough test.

I’ve decided to cancel my subscription for now until my traffic increases. I do think it’s an amazing tool that I plan on using in the long-term, for the time being, however, I’m going to utilize similar ‘right message’ tactics in a more manual fashion. I plan on doing this by linking visitors of my top blog posts to a unique offer that I think they would be interested in. This will be a vast improvement over me just having a simple ‘Subscribe to my blog’ CTA at the bottom of the page.

Have you tried out RightMessage? Let me know what your experience has been like.