Your Yoast SEO light turned from green to orange; Should you worry?


So you’re using Wordpress for your site and for SEO purposes you are using the popular Yoast plugin. Everything is going smoothly at first, your Yoast light is green, showing it’s approval of your SEO efforts to date. All the sudden though, after making one small change that you’ve determined to be best practice, it turns orange. Signaling it’s displeasure.

What should you do? Your OCD is starting to kick in. You need that fuckin’ light to be green across the board or else you will not sleep at night.

How important is it really to appease the Yoast plugin? Is it make or break? Will you still be able to increase you rankings and organic Google traffic?

The truth is, Yoast is developed by humans and nobody can guarantee Google rankings. SEO tools like Yoast are meant to be a guide and shouldn’t be taken as a hard rule.

I’m personally seeing about a 40% increase in organic Google traffic every month (sometimes more) on my blog by doing nothing more than writing new blog posts. I do have a static site blog so it loads fast. That’s about the only SEO I’ve done.

You can drive yourself nuts with the technical aspects of SEO and waste a lot of time IMO. At the end of the day, if you just help Google do its job by supplying quality content on a regular basis, the rest just falls into place.