Collect more Shopify store product reviews using Mailchimp automation


So you have a Shopify store and sales are going great. New customers are being added automatically to Mailchimp using ShopSync and for the most part everything is dandy in the world.

Just one thing, you could generate even more sales if you could somehow get more of your customers to leave product reviews on your Shopify store. If only there was a way to automatically follow-up with a customer to ask for a product review and link to the exact product they bought so they could leave the review!

Fortunately, you can easily do this with Mailchimp and most other email marketing automation software, but hey this blog post is about Mailchimp and Shopify!

I’m assuming your Shopify store is already synced using ShopSync. The next step is to simply click on “Automation” navigation link in your Mailchimp Dashboard and select “Email”.

Now select ‘Ecommerce’ and then select ‘Follow-up On Purchases’.


Then you’re going to select ‘Specific Product’.


From there, you just select the audience that is synced with your Shopify store and then update the ‘Trigger’ for the automation to be when they purchase whatever product you want.

After that it’s just a simple matter of composing the email, selecting the email template/design and selecting the time interval (send 30 days after purchase or 20 days?) etc.

Eazy Peezy!