How to connect your HTML contact form with Mailchimp


I was recently setting up a new lead generation website for a tree trimmer client and I had to decide how to wire up the contact form since I was creating a static HTML site and hosting it for free on Netlify.

It had to be a no-cost solution and allow for custom thank you page redirects so I can track Google Ad conversions. That means Typeform and Formspree were not options.

I normally use Drip but this client didn’t need the extra functionality Drip provides and their free tier maxes out at 100 subscribers, whereas with MailChimp you get 2k subscribers for free.

So I went searching in Google for ‘mailchimp raw html form’ and the like. I didn’t want to embed the MailChimp form, that’s something entirely different. We just need to know what elements to add to our existing HTML form so when a visitor submits their information it is sent to MailChimp.

It was actually hard to find the right documentation page to reference since the wording they actually use is ‘Host Your Own Sign Up Forms’.

That walks you through how to ‘wire up’ your own HTML form so it subscribes people to whatever MailChimp audience you want. It’s super easy!