Email Marketing vs Facebook Messenger Marketing - Which one is better?


When trying to figure out how best to communicate with their customers online, many businesses want to know if they should do email marketing or just focus on Facebook Messenger marketing.

Email is not seen as being ‘sexy’ anymore and with Messenger open rates generally being higher than email, has it really put the ‘nail in the coffin’ for email?

Should you bother with email marketing these days?

Absolutely! Email is still king, so it’s not really a matter of either-or. Even if you’re engaging in Messenger Marketing, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also have an email list.

Email is a must in my opinion. It’s the foundation of your business communications.

Results with Messenger Marketing (and email) will vary depending on the audience you’re targeting as well. For example, in my experience the older demographic prefers email over Messenger. On the other hand, a younger demographic may prefer Messenger.

Let’s keep in mind too that open rates and clickthrus are meaningless if they aren’t resulting in sales. What kind of sales are you generating with Messenger vs email? Those are the metrics that truly matter. I’ve personally generated quite a few Messenger leads for clients but I was not in charge of sales so I don’t know how those leads converted. I also have yet to hear of any amazing case studies with Messenger beyond high open rates. So there’s definitely some more experimentation to be had before I give it my stamp of approval.

There are some other things you just can’t do with Messenger marketing too. For example, I’ve recently discovered new superpowers by combining marketing automation like with website personalization & segmentation software like If you’re only using Facebook Messenger as a communication channel, you’re not going to be able to leverage software like RightMessage.

The last reason for making your email marketing channel a priority is that you own your email list. With Facebook Messenger, Facebook can shut you down for whatever reason they want. It’s their platform! All the money and time spent building your Messenger list could potentially be for nothing in this case.

Go out there and start experimenting for yourself and see what works best for your business!