Should you hire an SEO company to create backlinks for your website?


A colleague recently told me he got pitched by an SEO company offering to create backlinks to their site for $1,300/mo. So many website owners get lured in by the prospects of getting more organic Google traffic and we’ve all been told how important backlinks are for our Google rankings.

So what did I tell him?

I told him that I personally don’t actively build links, I just focus on publishing a lot of content and it sort of just works itself out. My impressions and clicks are trending up in my Google Search Console and that’s all I care.

Google Search Console

I definitely wouldn’t pay a company $1300/mo for backlink generation. Their service is probably ‘blackhat’ anyways and will likely get you penalized in the Google SERPS before long. I’ve seen it happen first hand!

When it comes to SEO it’s best to play it on the safe side.