What's the best Facebook Messenger Marketing Strategy?


Open rates are so high with Facebook Messenger that it’d be silly not to at least experiment with this marketing channel. I personally have ran Facebook Messenger Ad campaigns for clients and have generated leads as low as $5, which was really good for the industry they were in. I’d say that’s good for almost any industry. :)

I’m not saying you should ditch email marketing, no way! I’m only saying that you should explore new channels as they arise.

Okay, so you’re already convinced this is a channel you shouldn’t ignore, but what’s the best Messenger Marketing Strategy?

Well, first off the best way to generate Messenger leads is with a Facebook Messenger Ad (unless you already have a high traffic Facebook page).

The only thing is, by default, there’s no easy way to automatically follow-up with your leads? Wouldn’t it be great if it was like email marketing where you could create an automated sequence and build a segmented Messenger list over time that you can remarket to again and again?

Now you can using a Messenger Automation Tool called ManyChat and their JSON Growth Tool allows you to easily take people who clicked on your Facebook Messenger Ad and engage them with an automated sequence that also factors in user input making the sequence more of a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of experience.

They call it a Facebook Messenger Bot technically. You can program these on your own using Facebook’s Messenger Bot API but that would require some hardcore coding chops. With ManyChat, it makes the process much easier.

ManyChat also allows you to build a Messenger List that you can broadcast messages out to whenever you want just like any email marketing automation software.

Even with these great tools, many marketers still fail with their Facebook Messenger Ad campaign. Why? They don’t give their prospect a reason to take action now.

They don’t add scarcity or loss aversion to their Messenger sequence and sales offer. Studies have shown that the pain of a loss is almost twice as strong as the reward felt from a gain.

You can now achieve this with your Messenger sequence using ManyChat in conjunction with DeadlineFunnel. Here’s the guide for setting that up here.

The Overall Strategy

The idea is to use Facebook Messenger Ads to generate Messenger Leads. We then use Messenger Automation software called ManyChat to automatically follow-up with our leads offering value while simultaneously hinting towards an upcoming special offer being made available soon.

This content drips out over the course of 5-10 days until you launch your special limited-time offer that is only available for a short time, say 3-5 days. Without the limited-time offer, your lead has no reason to take action now and may be indecisive forever!

We’re giving them a reason to take action, because if they don’t they’ll miss out on your special offer whether that’s a price discount or xtra bonus or whatever.

That’s adding scarcity or loss aversion to an offer and it’s an easy way to drastically increase the conversion rates for any offer or product.