My first experience self-publishing with Amazon's KDP Select


I’ve published roughly 5 ebooks in my life that I can remember. Three of which were published as Kindle Ebooks but not via the KDP Select Program. KDP Select is different in that it requires you to give Amazon exclusive rights to your ebook and the content within for 90 days. After which you can publish it anywhere you’d like.

With the 3 previous Kindle Ebooks that I published, I generated just over $100 in sales over the past 5 years. I basically just published them and walked away. Looking back now I see many areas I could have improved, especially with the ebook formatting, wow!

I figured it was time to give KDP Select a shot. I had heard you can do really well, especially if you utilize Amazon’s bonus promotional tools made available exclusively for the KDP Select authors. Most notably is the option to promote your ebook for free for up to 5 days. Why is this a big deal?

Because theoretically the more free downloads your ebook receives, the higher it will rank in Amazon’s database. Likewise, the more downloads your ebook receives increases the likelihood of your ebook receiving reviews. Typically the more positive reviews your ebook receives the higher it will rank in Amazon’s database and the more sales you’ll receive.

Granted, there are more variables at play that determine the success of an ebook besides just launching, making it available for free and sit back while you enjoy steady sales.

I wasn’t expecting anything crazy but what I did experience so far has been nothing worth writing home about.

I was able to promote the ebook for free and get quite a few downloads. Close to 100 in fact! I also was able to collect one positive 5-star review. I even made the top 100 list for a few lists:

Here’s my ebook ranking #1 in the 30 Minute Business & Money Short Reads:


Here it is ranking #2 in Advertising:


Now it’s been close to 3 weeks since this promotion has ended and even with the success I had during the free trial, I’ve yet to generate a sale for the listed $2.99 price.

It could just be I’m trying to compete it too competitive a niche with Google Ads but I’m not quite sure.

I still plan on publishing more ebooks on Amazon as I believe it’s a numbers game at the end of the day, but I don’t plan on publishing via KDP Select in the future. I get way too much benefit repurposing that content elsewhere and giving Amazon exclusive rights to the content even for 90 days is out of the question.

My plan in the future is to just treat Amazon as it’s own corner of the internet and its own search engine; a paid browser if you will where readers can obtain info without dealing with shady, ad ridden websites. I’m going to publish a lot of very specific guides on many topics to go for the ‘long tail’ keyword search queries. The same SEO strategy I have with my blog.

Have you published on Amazon’s KDP Select Platform? If so, how’d it go? Give me a shout and let me know!