What gives an Instagram post thumbnail click appeal?


When making an Instagram post, you want to try and take a photo that will also make a great thumbnail. Why? Because when your post shows up on the explore page or on the top for any given hashtag page, it’ll be your post’s thumbnail other people will see.

So what gives your thumbnail click appeal? Are there any tricks you can do to consistently increase your thumbnail’s click appeal?

Unfortunately, there is no ‘silver bullet’. One suggestion I can give however, before selecting a photo to post on Instagram I’ll first browse my photos on my phone in thumbnail size using the Photos app. When one jumps out at me I know it’s a good chance of having great ‘click appeal’!

Obviously, this isn’t going to work every time as it’s more of a general guideline. The fact of the matter is, nobody has quite figured out how to consistently make every post a viral sensation. Even the best of them occasionally create some duds. It’s just a matter of high output and figuring out what works for you!