What kind of content should a small business place on the homepage of their website?


It’s almost never-ending. A small, local business comes to me wanting my help with their website. They need help turning it into a website that actually generates leads and sales for their business. They either suffer from poor conversion rates, lack of traffic, or both.

At the root of their conversion problem, however, is their website. More specifically though; their homepage. The homepage of almost any website is the most heavily trafficked page on the entire website. Therefore, it presents the biggest opportunity for a business to optimize for conversions. Unfortunately, more often than not, the opportunity is missed by the small business having a homepage that does nothing for conversions.

  1. 90% of the time they have an auto-image slider. Which is very bad for conversions. Check out shouldiuseacarousel.com for excellent case studies on this topic.

  2. They have multiple calls to actions and distractions for the visitor. This usually results in the visitor heading for the back button out of frustration.

So what type of content should a small business have on their homepage? They should have a compelling sales pitch. An offer with one clear call to action and minimal distractions. Your website is an advertisement and an advertisement is simply salesmanship in print and you can’t sell without an offer and call to action.

Your website design should simply place the focus on your copy and pitch, with minimal distractions.

Give it a shot and let me know how many more leads and sales you start to generate! :)