Should you use Google Tag Manager?


Everyone is using Google Tag Manager because it’s seemingly ‘best practice’ but from my experience, it’s caused nothing but headaches and frustration.

Google Tag Manager is meant to be an easy way for the marketing department to add tracking code or snippets to the website without having to edit the code, or in other words, without having to wait for the development team to get around to it.

The problem is, that in my experience, the Google Tag Manager is still too difficult or confusing for most marketing managers to use. Once they start hearing the word ‘variables’ and ‘triggers’ their eyes glaze over. For web developers, on the other hand, inserting tracking code snippets individually gives them more control and is easier than using Google Tag Manager.

As someone who wears both hats, I’ve seen instances where Google Tag Manager causes issues and have found it easier to just insert tracking codes individually, without Google Tag Manager.

With that said, I don’t believe in loading up a web page with a bunch of ad tracking code and marketing scripts. It’s important for your website to load fast and the more code you add to your website, the more bloated it becomes, slowing down your site.

This is why I only add Google Analytics and Drip code snippets to my site. I may experiment with RightMessage at some point in the future but I feel like 3 would be my max here and why would I need Google Tag Manager to manage such few scripts?