What is the best lead magnet for building an email list?


You’ve been told you should offer something for free on your website in order to build an email list. Many marketers like to call this a ‘lead magnet’. If you’re just starting out you’re probably having a hard time deciding what kind of lead magnet to give away.

Many get hung up on the format of the lead magnet. Should it be an ebook, infographic, cheatsheet, video, email course, workbook? Etc. Don’t make this mistake. It doesn’t matter the format so long as it delivers value and helps the reader achieve a ‘win’.

By delivering value before asking them to purchase anything, you start to develop trust with the prospect. This trust is crucial for selling, especially online where everybody hides behind a computer screen and where trust is hard to come by.

So just get out there and create your lead magnet today! You can always revise or change your offer based on results. Inaction is the only way you can truly fail here.