A Google Adsense Alternative You've Likely Never Heard Of Before


When it comes to monetizing your site as a publisher or blogger, Google Adsense is still among the top. You’ve been dying to know if there are any decent alternatives worth considering but not sure where to look.

You’ve heard the best route is to create and sell your own products. This is true if you’re just looking at profit margins, but you wouldn’t know the first thing about product development. You don’t really care to research products to sell as an affiliate either.

What’s a publisher like yourself to do? Fortunately there’s a new alternative to Google Adsense that is starting to make significant waves in the online publishing space.

What is it? The Brave Browser and native token called BAT. I go more in-depth about it in this blog post about Youtubers and their ongoing issues to monetize their channels. Read it now!