Which Google Ad Bid Strategy to use for your search ad campaign


There’s so many different bid strategies when it comes to your Google Ad campaign it can be confusing to decide which to choose. You’re presented with the decision first when setting up your campaign.


I always set it to ‘Manual CPC’ as that’s how I was taught and it has always generated great results for me to date. I don’t like the bid adjustments left to Google’s automated bidding algorithms, at least not to start. After the campaign has generated some conversion data it might be worth testing out ‘Enhanced CPC’ to see if that gives you an even better ROI but for the most part I recommend analyzing the campaign data and making your bid adjustments manually.

How To Find The Manual CPC Setting

Under the bidding section, click on “Select a bid strategy direction” near the bottom:


Once you see the ‘bid strategy’ options go ahead and click on the dropdown menu and select “Manual CPC”.