Which Google Ad Delivery Method should you use for your campaign?


When setting up your Google Ad campaign you’ll need to choose a ‘Delivery Method’ for your ad campaign. By default it’s set to ‘Standard’ but which should you use for your campaign?

I just leave this one on the default setting ‘Standard’. This means Google will try to spread my budget out across all scheduled hours for that day vs using up your budget as quickly as possible.

For example, say your daily budget is set to $20. Now let’s say your ad schedule is set to run for the full 24 hours. If you set your Delivery Method to ‘Standard’ then it would try to use up that $20 budget spread out throughout the day. If you set your Delivery Method to ‘Accelerated’ then Google will show your ad for every relevant search query until your daily budget is depleted. This could mean your $20 is spent in the first 3 hours of the day, therefore there wouldn’t be any budget left for the afternoon so your ad won’t show again until the next day.

The reason I like to leave it set to ‘Standard’ and have my ads show throughout the day is because I can then find out what time of day we’re getting our best cost per conversion and focus on those times of day. With ‘Accelerated’ we wouldn’t get this kind of data. I have yet to find a reason to use ‘Accelerated’ for the Delivery Method. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this if you have!