Should you own your client's Facebook Ad account?


Agencies and freelancers who offer Facebook Ad management services have to decide between owning the client’s Facebook Ad account and just getting user access to their Facebook Ad account to manage their campaigns.

What’s the best route to take?

I understand why many agencies and freelancers want to own the accounts. They feel it gives them more leverage and believe it can help prevent clients from leaving.

This may be the case but if a client isn’t happy with the work you do it’s not going to matter if you own the account or not, you’ll still lose the client.

I’ve decided to take the opposite approach as I feel owning the account is a ‘strong arm’ sales tactic. I believe clients should be able to keep the work they paid me to do by running the ad campaigns in their ad accounts.

I like to use this as a market differentiator too. If you hire me to manage your ad accounts, you’ll own all of the work done, in your own accounts, even if we part ways. I don’t want to ‘strong arm’ anyone into staying my client, I want them to happily pay me because of the value I’m bringing to their business. This strategy in turn generates more word of mouth for me.

Try it out and let me know how you fare!