Why Most Youtubers Struggle To Earn Even $100


If you do any research online about how much Youtubers make per 1000 views, you’ll get all sorts of answers. Anywhere from $0.05-$2. Since it’s hard to find any official info from Google, the rumor has it that Google pays out 68% of the Youtube ad revenue back to the Youtubers which seems like a lot but many have written about their struggles to average even a minimum-wage salary.

It’s really difficult to make substantial money as a Youtuber because payouts are paltry. There are other ways to monetize your channel of course like sponsorships and affiliate marketing but here’s a new one not many know about; BAT Tokens.

BAT tokens Steve? I don’t want your Batman money Steve!

This has nothing to do with Batman! :)

BAT is a new cryptocurrency, currently worth roughly $.40 as of this writing. It’s mainly distributed through the ad blocking, privacy enhancing browser called Brave. How so?

Brave browser has native advertising that is paid in, you guessed it, BAT tokens. The ads are optin only and they don’t track you, which means your privacy is preserved. The ads also won’t slow down your web browsing experience. The best part is 70% of the BAT ad revenue is then paid out to the users, the people actually viewing the ads.

So what does this have to do with you making more money as a Youtuber?!

Brave browser automatically contributes BAT tokens to Youtubers such as yourself based on how much a user is consuming your content. Users can also tip Youtubers in BAT tokens directly from the Brave browser.

There’s no way you can make substantial money with these BAT tips and donations Steve!

Wrong! Here’s a Youtuber who has earned more in BAT than he has from Youtube Ads.

So get out there and become a Brave verified publisher today and let your subscribers know how they can support you for free, just by switching to a superior browser.