How to determine what your Google Ads budget should be


Yet another tedious decision you have to make when setting up your Google Ad campaign right? This one is easy though. Most people already have an ad budget in mind but I recommend a minimum of $10-20/day for best results.

Obviously this will vary greatly depending on which keywords you’re targeting. For example, if you’re a personal injury attorney you’ll likely want to start with a daily budget of $500/day minimum as ‘personal injury attorney’ clicks can get really expensive.

A great way to determine what your daily budget should be is to check the Google Ad Keyword Planner. It’ll give you insight into what type of results you can expect for a given set of keywords, budget and location.

It generates a campaign ‘forecast’ based on past advertising performance from others advertising under the same set of keywords and locations you inputted into the planner. This will give you great insight for setting your daily Google Ad budget.

Google Ads also created something called “Budget Planner” recently (I actually just noticed when I was writing this post) which I haven’t actually used yet but if the name is accurate I’m sure it could be a useful tool for setting your budget as well.