How to stay productive and find time to create business assets


I’ve been asked by fellow freelancers how I stay so productive. They wonder how I find time to blog and create products for my own business when I spend most of my day consulting with clients, helping them grow their businesses.

Honestly, it’s not easy! The hard truth is you must prioritize asset creation, otherwise you’ll just never get around to doing it. That’s right, I try to spend the first hour or two everyday working on my business before I start client work.

Also, another crucial factor to staying productive outside of work is to be realistic. You’re not gonna come home at 5pm and knock out a list of personal tasks on a Wednesday night, not after working 8 hours.

You’re also not likely to get up early to knock out a huge list of tasks before work. Can you do one task though? Absolutely doable. Make it bite size chunks, or ‘baby steps’ as Bob would say. :)

Sometimes you might even end up doing more than one task once you build up momentum!