Google Ad location targeting options you shouldn't forget about


We talked a lot about how to setup your Google Ad campaign’s location targeting in this post but there’s one small change you want to make in this section before moving on.

Just below the location targeting box, you’ll see a hyperlink in blue font saying “Location options”. It’s easy to miss but it’s an important setting to change as the default is not ideal as it’s likely to have you spending more money than you need to per conversion.

Click on that link and more options will be made available to you:

By default it’s set to “People in, or who show interest in, your targeted locations (Recommended)”. Notice how it says ‘or who show interest in’, that’s right your ad may show for somebody who isn’t actually IN your targeted location, which is usually not what we want.

There are instances where this default setting would make sense for a business, but for most campaigns it doesn’t.

The more targeted option would be to target “People in your targeted locations”. This will ensure that your ad will only show for people in your targeted locations, just like it sounds.

I’ve managed a lot of campaigns for local businesses and this is typically a crucial setting that will increase their ROI almost instantly. The reason being, you don’t want your ad being triggered for anybody that doesn’t live in your city (i.e. targeted location) as they’re not likely to become a customer for obvious reasons. Again, this isn’t always the case, it just depends what type of business you’re running the campaign for.