Is cold email a good way to validate your B2B SaaS MVP?


Recently someone asked me if cold email was a good way to validate their B2B SaaS ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP). Their SaaS was for E-Commerce store owners.

There are numerous case studies online where marketers boast of the success they have with their cold email strategy and to that I say, “Hey, do whatever works for you!“.

I have tried cold email briefly in the past but in the end it just didn’t bare as much fruit as other marketing methods I was employing. I also didn’t want to spend my days doing that kind of marketing and sales. Your business and marketing plan should fit into your lifestyle otherwise what’s the point of it all? It’s all about designing the kind of life you want to live isn’t it?!

The main problem I have with any cold marketing strategy is that you’re not building assets that make your job easier over time. This is important because the second you stop your cold emailing, you stop getting new leads in the pipeline.

Instead, if you focus your energy on blogging, forum & blog participation, and email list building, you’ll start to experience a snowball effect over time where you continue to reap the rewards from work you did once.

With that said, if you’re looking for a faster way to validate your B2B SaaS MVP, Google Search Ads is going to be your best bet. Just remember, nothing is free considering that time is money, so even with a cold email strategy you’re still paying.