How to setup your Google Search Ad's location targeting


When setting up your Google Search Ad campaign you need to decide the location you want your ad to be shown in.

Some may think this step is trivial but it’s really important how you set up your location targeting if you want to improve your campaign over time.

Many will just list the city, state or country they want their ad to show in and call it a day. Bad move! You want to setup your location targeting as granular as possible so you can make more granular bid adjustments on the location level down the road.

Here’s an example: Let’s say you’re a bike shop and you want your ad to be shown to people that live in Chicago. Most would simply list “Chicago, IL” as the location to target for your Google Ad campaign. This would be a mistake. Instead, get a list of all the zip codes in Chicago and input all of those zip codes as the locations to target for your Google Ad campaign.


Because you’re not going to receive the same cost per conversion across all of Chicago. Some zip codes are going to give you a better cost per conversion or better return on investment.

By setting up the location targeting on a more granular level by inserting all of the zip codes you’ll be able to easily see which zip codes are giving you better results AND more importantly you’ll be able to make bid adjustments on the zip code level.

This is crucial for increasing your campaigns ROI over time.

Another example, let’s say you want your ad to show for the whole United States. Instead of just listing “United States” as the location to target in your Google Ad campaign, list out all of the states.

Over time you’ll be able to see which states are giving you your best ROI. Then you can setup another campaign targeting only the states that are generating your best ROI, but this time you setup your location targeting on the city level, listing each city in each state per campaign.

This will eventually tell you which cities in each of the top performing states are generating your best ROI. You can then setup new campaigns targeting zip codes in each of these cities to increase your campaigns ROI even further! As you can see you can, this step is crucial in creating a campaign that becomes more and more profitable over time.

So go ahead, get granular on your Google Ad campaign’s location targeting and start benefiting from more actionable data.