Which Google Ad campaign type should you select?


When setting up your Google Ad campaign there are many questions and decisions one must make that can be confusing and leave you wondering, “what’s going to generate the best return on investment for me!?”.

Deciding which campaign type you should select is one of these choices.

The answer is simple, unless you have a large ad budget, you’re going to get your best results with a ‘Search’ campaign or ‘Shopping’ depending on if you’re selling a physical product or not.

If you’re selling a physical product that you ship, you’ll want to test out both ‘Search’ and ‘Shopping’ campaign types as you’re likely to find one type performing better for a certain set of keywords than the other.

‘Video’ and ‘Display’ campaign types are generally for larger ad budgets, companies looking to generate more interest in the ‘awareness’ part of the sales funnel.

If you have a smaller ad budget and you’re looking to reach people further down the sales funnel, then you’ll definitely want to go with ‘Search’ and ‘Shopping’ campaign types. These campaign types are going to generate traffic that’s more motivated to take action and buy what it is you have to offer! That’s why they’re searching Google after all, to seek a solution to their problem. If your product can do this, then you’re in business! :)