GatherKudos Review & Alternatives


Has your Google star rating tanked to 3, or maybe even 2 stars? You’ve most likely stumbled across a service called GatherKudos. They give you a review portal page to share with your customers in an attempt to increase your review count while simultaneously helping you filter out negative reviews before they make it to Google or Yelp.

It’s a smart system indeed, I just don’t like how the review portal page doesn’t even exist on your site, it’s on GatherKudos’ website. It ends up being a URL like this:

What if you could have a similar portal page that functions the same way only you could have it all on your site (i.e. or This way you’re branding your own domain name instead of GatherKudos when promoting your feedback portal page.

That would be nice right?

Fortunately, this type of portal page isn’t too difficult to whip up if you know a little javascript. I’ve gone ahead and done just that! I put it together for my readers here to download for free and use in their business right away, anyway they see fit!

Watch this video below to see how my review portal page works:

Look cool? Download the review portal page and installation guide here!