Which Online Business Platform Should You Use? Builderall, Kartra or ClickFunnels?


So you want to start building your online business but you need to figure out the technology you’re going to use to make it happen first. There are so many online business building platforms out there to choose from; Clickfunnels, Builderall, Karta, Kajabi, the list goes on and on!

Deciding which to go with can overwhelm people so much that it leads to indecision and before they know it, 2 weeks have passed and they haven’t done any real work, they’re essentially still shopping!

Don’t let this be you! At the end of the day, your customer isn’t going to care which tech stack you used to sell and deliver your product. Just pick one and get to work, you can always change it later.

If cost is a concern, you should try learning a little HTML and CSS Flexbox for mobile responsive design. I swear within’ a couples weeks (if not faster) you could make the same type of landing pages Clickfunnels produces for free and as a side benefit they’ll probably load faster.

Here’s a great free resource showing you how to create a web page in 4 minutes.

After going through that, take a deeper dive with this great book showing you how to code up your own web page in 44 minutes using CSS flexbox.

After that you’ll be a mobile responsive web page building machine! Of course you may want to learn even more code after getting a taste. If this is you, be sure to checkout the free MDN ‘Learn Web Development’ course here and FreeCodeCamp.com.

If you end up coding up your own web pages you’ll still need to process transactions but there are several cheaper options for that like Sendowl, Gumroad or read this other blog post I wrote on how to setup Stripe Checkout.