Can You Have A Landing Page Without A Website?


A lot of entrepreneurs and business owners who are new to the web ask this question a lot. They read a lot about creating ‘landing pages’ for their business and yet also how they need a website for their business. What’s the difference and can you have a landing page without a “website”?

The term ‘landing page’ is typically used when talking about a specific ad, marketing campaign or other traffic source. It is referring to the first page a visitor arrives at for a given ad, campaign, keyword, email, etc. Or in other words, the first page they ‘land on’. :)

Usually the most trafficked landing page for a website is going to be their homepage for obvious reasons, but depending on what your business goals are and what type of ad campaign you’re running, most of the time you get better results sending visitors to a landing page other than your homepage.

So can you have a landing page without a website? Yes and no. They’re essentially the same thing. Even if your website had only one page, it still has a page visitors land on, therefore it has a landing page. Or even if you had a landing page without a custom domain name, it’s still a website technically.

When you picture ‘a website’ however, you’re probably envisioning a brochure type of website with a navigation bar, menu links to several pages, images automatically sliding everywhere and it has a million call to actions!

You do not need this type of website in order to sell your products or services.

In fact, traditional brochure type of websites are really bad for conversions. Check out this blog post I wrote about the auto-image sliders that are so popular these days.

No matter what you decide to do or how many pages you decide to create for your website, I still recommend setting up a custom domain name (i.e.

No go forth and start building your landing pages! :)