Anything Under A 4 Star Google Rating Kills Small, Local Businesses


Many small, local businesses find themselves struggling in the digital age when the random angry customer can go online and spew hate. Little does the general public know that 99% of your customers leave happy!

It’s just the nature of business in our modern digital age. Unhappy customers are much more vocal than happy customers and the Internet gives these people a bigger platform.

It’s crucial for local businesses to be proactive when it comes to managing their online reputation and reviews. If not, then they’re seriously putting their business at risk.

The stats show that 80% of consumers say the star ratings they trust the most are 4-5 stars and a whopping 94% have said that a negative online review has convinced them to not patronize a business.

Now, there are countless companies who offer reputation management services and charging as much as $1k/mo. I think this is way over priced and small, local businesses deserve a more affordable solution.

This is why I put together a system to help local businesses capture positive reviews from the happy customers while simultaneously directing feedback from unhappy customers to management or the owner.

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