A Simple Trick To Get More Targeted, Qualified Visitors From Your Google Search Ad Campaign


Generating a positive return on investment from your Google Search Ad campaign can be difficult, especially if you’re directing that traffic to a product page or sales letter where you’re asking for the purchase.

Offering something free as the initial offer to get the prospects email address is still the preferred route in my opinion, but there have been some cases where a business may choose to send traffic directly to a product page to generate sales.

An example of this is when I was managing a Google Search Ad campaign for a piano store looking to drive sales for their pianos. We didn’t want to pay for clicks from shoppers who didn’t have a large enough budget for my clients pianos.

What to do?

We put the price of my clients cheapest piano in the ad:

“Pianos for $3,000 and up!”

This acted as a filter of sorts, or qualifier, weeding out those who didn’t have at least $3k to spend on a piano.

Since you only pay per click with Google Search Ads, this instantly resulted in a much higher ROI for the campaign and this piano store had its best year since opening!

There you have it, a simple way to get higher quality clicks a Google Search Ad campaign aimed at selling more products.