Choosing Good Keywords For Your Google Search Ad Campaign (Formerly Adwords)


Many struggle figuring out which keywords to use in their Google Ad campaigns. You’ve got your regular tips like using the Google Ad Keyword Planner and the suggested keywords at the bottom of Google for a given search result.

These are all great ways to uncover new keywords for your campaign, but one method I don’t hear a lot about is using a ‘modified broad match’ keyword in your Google Ad campaign to uncover search phrases people are using that you never would’ve thought of or found in your research.

For example, for a business selling golf clubs they might want to try this modified broad match keyword:

+golf +clubs

With this ‘modified broad match’ keyword you’re effectively telling Google you want your ad to show up in search results for search phrases that contain both “golf” and “clubs” in any order.

This will help you find search phrases and keywords that you never would’ve thought of. Just be sure to check the Google Ad search terms report to see what search phrases you’re getting clicks from so you can add them as positive (or negative) keywords to the campaign for better targeting.

Give this a shot in your Google Search Ad campaign and let me know how you fare! :)