PowerPoint Vlogging Vs Recording Myself?


You’ve been told you have to start posting videos in addition to text blog posts if you expect to stand out from your competition, but you’re not quite sure how you should approach it. Should you do ‘PowerPoint vlogging’ or just record yourself talking?

I’d say you should create and ‘ship’ whatever is easiest for you. What’s most important is that you ship something fast that’ll also deliver value to your audience. This will help to build momentum!

You can always take a text blog posts that’s getting traction and repurpose as a video or any other media type down the road.

You don’t get just one chance to get this right.

In the long run it’s best to test out publishing content in all sorts of formats to see what works best for you, your business and your audience.

Think of each format type (blog post, podcast, slideshow, video etc) as being a separate thing to announce and launch, even if they’re all essentially saying the same thing. The message (or content) is separate from the medium (or format). Different formats will appeal to a different segment of your audience.

Sound good?! Now get to work!