Enabling Google Auto-Tagging Does What?


Google Ad Auto-tagging does what? You get all of your campaign data right in Google Ads dashboard, what is auto-tagging business and why would you bother using it?

Enabling auto-tagging for your Google Ad campaigns and syncing with your Google Analytics will help to gain additional insights into your Google Ad campaign. How so? Not every click you get from your Google Ad campaign will convert of course, some of the traffic will leave and never come back, and some will leave your landing page and go to your homepage to do additional research on your business and take additional actions.

By enabling Google Ad auto-tagging and syncing with Google Analytics you can see what your Google Ad traffic is doing when they leave your landing page and go to your homepage or main website. This kind of data is invaluable!

So go forth and enable auto-tagging and sync your Google Ad account with your Google Analytics. Reap the rewards of additional data and make better business decisions.