Should You Use Wordpress For Creating Landing Pages?


So you already have a Wordpress website and you need to start developing some more ‘direct response’ oriented landing pages. Easy enough right? Just purchase one of the several landing page builders made for Wordpress right? You could but here’s the thing, you need these landing pages to load as quickly as possible and there’s no better way to build lightning fast pages than to make them ‘static’.

Wait, what the hell do you mean ‘static’ Steve?

On the web there are ‘static sites‘ and ‘dynamic sites‘. Static sites are simpler and don’t involve something called a database. Wordpress, unfortunately, creates dynamic websites that make use of a database. What this all boils down to is that your site has to ‘do more stuff’ in order to load that page on the screen if you’re using Wordpress. Why? Because it has to make a request for the content from the database.

Instead, just build out your landing pages using good ol’ HTML, CSS and maybe a little JavaScript. This way you can easily create landing pages that load in less than a second. Don’t know how to code? It’s not hard to learn the basics, checkout CSS in 44 minutes to a quick deep dive, otherwise just outsource it! :)