Has Chat Killed Email Marketing?


A lot of marketers these days are quick to say that chat has ‘killed email’, but is that really the case?

Are we really going to do away with forms and just have chat call to actions for EVERYTHING?

Here’s some sales copy from a leading chat platform that you can integrate into your website claiming forms are the old way of doing lead generation:

Yet when you visit their homepage look what you’re greeted with above the fold… hello there form!

When you click to sign up, again what are you greeted with?

Yep, another form!

So has chat killed email? Maybe someday, but for now that is far from the case. Email, I’m afraid, is still king and forms are still best for lead generation in my experience, not to mention credit card checkouts are still best done with forms.

That’s not to say chat doesn’t have it’s place and that it can’t work synergistically together with forms and email. Checkout this case study by Drift’s marketing team showing how they increased leads by 200% by combining their chat software with Drip email marketing automation functionality.

In my opinion these two are the best one two punch (although I’ve been considering a switch from Drip to ConvertKit lately). At the end of then day, what’s most important is that you make your customers feel understood, they want to know you understand their specific situation, their specific problem and need. Whatever communication channel you use to convey that, you’ll do just fine! :)