Should You Use An Auto Image Carousel or Slider On Your Website Homepage?


9 times out of 10 when a client (or prospective client) asks for advice on what they can do to improve the conversion rate on their website, I type their URL into my browser address bar and I see the same issue staring me in the face!

What do I see?

They have a huge, auto image carousel above the fold on their homepage, that rotates through a bunch of different pictures and sales copy.

This is almost always the #1 requested website element by any small business owner. Why? They think it looks snazzy and maybe it does, that’s subjective. What isn’t subjective is how well it does it’s job in converting visitors into customers!

So how good is it at its job?

I always reference the same set of high profile case studies found on

Go ahead and check it out!

Rest assured, these auto image carousels are a conversion killer! If your website has one of these, you’ll get an immediate boot in conversions by removing it and replacing it with a static image with one headline, offer and call to action. This makes it easier to split-test against other versions as well!