Top 5 Drip CRM Integrations & Zaps


So you just signed up for Drip CRM and you’re eager to see what types of software integrations you should take advantage of.

Here’s my personal list of favorite integrations and most of them don’t even require a 3rd party like Zapier!


This is my favorite payment processor and if you’re selling anything online there’s a good chance you could be using Stripe to process the payment.

You’re going to want to automatically import new customers into your Drip CRM to follow-up with them.

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In most cases using Stripe requires some coding chops, unless you’re integrating with a 3rd party service.

For those who just want to sell something really quick and easy without any coding knowledge, there’s Gumroad. You’ll pay more for processing transactions than if you were just using Stripe but you gain convenience and ease of use.

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Web chat is all the rage these days and for good reason. There are a bunch of amazing case studies floating around the internet showcasing just how well chat can be used to increase engagement with your website visitors.

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When it comes to most offline businesses, generating calls is still king and if you want to properly track your ROI with your digital advertising, like with Google Ad’s Offline Sales Conversion Tracking, you’re going to need detailed call metrics imported into Drip.

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If you’re like most teams these days, you’re using Slack or a similar app for real-time team communication. One nifty integration with Drip is to automatically get lead and sales notifications sent to a Slack channel of your choosing.

This may be like overkill but it may come in handy for some businesses.

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