Case Study: How I Created An Agency's First Successful Digital Ad Campaign


Just over a year ago I started doing work for a small Reputation Management company based in San Diego. They hired me to manage PPC ad campaigns for their clients, which were mostly property managers with some other random businesses sprinkled in like a dentist, two piano stores, a fire extinguisher/sprinkler business, etc.

When I started with this agency they were desperately trying to increase revenue by offering additional services to their clients because over the course of a few years they went from billing $60k/mo to billing around $15k/mo when I started with them. In other words, their business was losing revenue fast!

They had only gotten new clients from referrals for the most part, and have never had a successful digital advertising campaign. They had never used their website to effectively sell and bring in new business.

I convinced them to let me help them get more clients via their website and a Google Search Ad campaign.

The first thing I did was put together a free case study offer that visitors had to optin for with their email. I made sure the copy spoke to the audience they were trying to attract; property managers!

You see, they made a mistake most businesses make, their copy was way too generic and bland. They tried appealing to any and every type of business all at once.

It kind of goes back to that old saying, “If you try to please everybody you end up pleasing nobody”.

So that was the first thing, I put together a ‘lead magnet’ offer that would appeal to only property managers, no other business owner, and slapped it on their homepage to serve as a ‘splash page’ of sorts. Visitors could still visit their main website by clicking on a link at the bottom of the that said, “No thanks, take me to the main website”.

This setup was good enough to start generating new property manager leads at an average cost per lead of $30. Unfortunately, they were also having trouble closing these new leads since the agency mainly knew how to sell Reputation Management services, not lead generation services.

I put together a whole new website using Bootstrap for them to replace the temporary ‘splash screen’ with lead magnet offer. The lead magnet was still offered above the fold with the new website, but this time when you scrolled down their was a complete website with navigation and all.

I also put a “Chat With Us” call to action further below more sales copy, which when clicked initiated a chat via

On top of all of that, I also put together a limited time Free Google Ad Management Free Trial Offer along with a 6 email launch sequence with a hard end date. They had to take action before X date otherwise they would miss out on the offer.

We saw a 22% conversion rate on that sales page and offer.

So after 9 months here are the stats of the campaign:

-Spent $4,029.86 (9+ months)

-42,697 Ad Impressions (People who saw our brand name and domain URL)

-895 clicks to our website

-87+ leads (There’s more than this in reality since July when I switched the site over to the existing site there were some chat initiation conversions that went untracked as I got things settled, probably just another 10 leads roughly.)

-4 new clients at a yearly value of 12,800 on average (2 more potentials that signed up for the Google Ad Free Trial and will be charged $500/mo after 14-days)

-217% ROI in the first year, even more if they stay on board for 2 years or upsell them on more services and this doesn’t count the 2 free trial signups since we don’t know if they’ll stay on past the 14-days yet.

UPDATE: You can see the new numbers for this case study here.